How I am learning dataviz

My progress in Tableau: MakeOver Monday exercises

Content Warning: this blogpost mentions the topic of suicide. If you are at risk, please stop here and please find a list of crisis lines

Following the completion of several great Tableau courses (Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau on Coursera, Master Tableau in Data Science in Udemy and the free Tableau Certification Challenge by Olga Tsubiks) I have decided that the best way to master this dataviz tool is to practise regularly. This is where my participation to the weekly exercise MakeOverMonday comes in.

Here is a description of my first 3 attempts at this dataviz exercise.

Attempt #1: Iron Man championship medialists – MakeOver Monday week #42

For my first attempt, I wanted to highlight how the top countries with most medialists changed over time, but I used 3 graphics instead of 1 to make my point. Think this could have gone better, but I was proud to try anyway!

Attempt #2: Suicides in England and Wales – MakeOver Monday week #43

A very sensitive topic; the most important bit I learnt this week is how to approach sensitive topics (thanks to Bridget Cogley with her blogpost on Data Ethics, Dashboards, and Presenting Death). I made sure to provide help contacts as in this blog above, and to choose carefully my wording.

Attempt #3: World Cities Ranked by Annual Sunshine Hours – MakeOver Monday week #44

One of the lessons from my 2 previous attempts was to stop cramming my dashboard with too much info. For this one, I simplified a lot, which helped me spend loooooooooooooots of time entering manually the geo coordinates of almost 70 cities. Oh what a fun exercise!

Conclusion: so far, the experience has been good and I’ve learnt a lot. I feel that I made progress but seeing how others dealt with the same data also inspires me to go further. Stay tuned to see more MakeOver Monday attemps in my Tableau gallery!

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