How I created my viz

Hamilton: an exploration of motifs

*** EDIT: new version of the viz here!

When I was new to #dataviz, seeing only finalised projects by seasoned practitioners used to puzzle me: I always have thousands of questions on the process: how did you get there?
That’s why I document most of my projects, explaining the reasoning, design choices, technical hurdles etc.

Strong storytelling, quirky dataviz and quoting Hamilton are 3 of my favourite hobbies. I mixed the 3 and shared a tribute to my favourite musical in the form of a visualisation project celebrating its clever catchy phrases aka motifs.

>> Click here to explore themes & motifs in Hamilton <<<


So how did I do it? Let me drop some knowledge!

  1. Get the lyrics

I scrapped (extracted) the lyrics and singers from with the tool and reworked the export to clean it with OpenRefine.

  1. Find the themes

I started looking at text analysis tools such as Voyant tools and then realised there was no need: everything clever about Hamilton’s lyrics and motifs has already been written. I focused on a qualitative analysis.

  1. They deserve credit for all the credit they gave me
  1. Hungry for more?
  1. I took a pen

The visualisation and navigation were all created on Tableau except the hand sketched ones. Oh, you haven’t seen them? The bunny must have hidden them…

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